Coming in 2017
Coming in 2017

Southern Marsh Adults Tuna Tee

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The Southern Marsh Tuna Tee pays homage to the great outdoors and the Southern Bluefin Tuna. A magnificent and vigorous sporting fish that every sportsman hopes to come across during one of their expeditions. The Southern Bluefin Tuna is a sport fish found in the Gulf of Mexico the Caribbean and in South America. They are lively even on the toughest of fishing lines and known for their speed beauty and tenacity. Even a small Bluefin Tuna will never give up trying to get off the line and can surprise an unprepared fisherman. Once you successfully reel one onto the boat you don't have to wait to get back on shore to fire up the grill. Just bring some soy sauce a few beers and you can have fresh sashimi on the boat. Make sure you bring plenty of friends your fishing tackle and get out there and enjoy America's great outdoors.
  • 100% Lightweight Cotton
  • Ultra Soft Spun Fabric
  • Pocket Tee
  • Garment Washed
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