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Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow Sandals -

Rainbow® Sandals developed from an idea that Jay “Sparky” Longley had: to make the world’s best sandal. He began with a sewing machine and some rubber in the garage of his Laguna Beach home. The first Rainbow sandals were sold on consignment at Hobie and it took off from there. Rainbow Sandals, Inc. was official started in San Clemente, California in 1974. To read more about the history of Rainbow Sandals read our article. 

Through years of perseverance, hard work, and trial and error, Longley developed a sandal that felt great, looked good, and did not wear out. After many years of sales, Rainbow Sandals caught on and the company experienced its greatest growth period beginning in 2000. A corporate facility was opened in 2002 in order to keep up with the high demand. In the demand of today’s market, Rainbow Sandals makes 2 million pairs of sandals every year.

The company has grown to its current popularity mostly by word of mouth from customer to customer, all sharing with each other how comfortable their Rainbow Sandals are and their durability. Rainbow Sandals are all created by hand using a specially formulated glue, and a unique density of sponge rubber that molds to the foot of its wearer. The company has developed a reputation for making quality and durable sandals. As a dealer we never put these quality Rainbow sandals on sale, but we sell them at fair prices and always offer free shipping. For questions about sizing and authenticity read our article.

Check out our Men's Rainbow Sandals, Women's Rainbow Sandals and Kid's Rainbow Sandals Collection here!

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